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    Xiven's Farming Guide For New Players

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    Xiven's Farming Guide For New Players

    Post by Wild Wolf Joerger on Mon May 02, 2016 1:04 pm

    Xiven wrote:Classes To Be Used:
    - Sniper: Needs high DEX, 195 ASPD, 50-71 Crit, 100 VIT, rest STR.
    - High Wizard: Needs high INT, 150 DEX, 100 VIT, rest STR.

    Tip #1: If you're new and don't have 3 Kiel cards, use 4 silver Kiel cards in headgear and 2 Expert Ring [1]. This reduces after cast delay by 70%. Sniper can reduce by additional 23% using Sniping Suit [1].
    Tip #2: Put the warp to the map in the first line of Alt+M, then press Alt+1 for quick warping.
    Tip #3: When farming zeny, use @ali <Item Name> or <Item ID> to loot only the item you're farming for.  However, use @autoloot when farming quest items because you might be ignoring drops needed for different quests or events. You can sell quest items @ 100 pieces for 1 tok.
    Tip #4: Save 500m-1b for summoning in the MVP room every weekend (2x drop rates).  The remainder you can trade with players: 500m zeny for 30-35 toks.

    Treasure Box:
    Location: @warp abyss_03
    @ali 7444 and kill Gold Acidus. Sell to NPC with merchant class.
    The best class to use is sniper.  If you're just starting out, use a Composite Bow [4] with 2 Earth Petite + 2 The Paper cards, and Arrow of Shadow. High wizard needs high magic attack or High Wizard card to kill the gold acidus quick.

    Chivalry Emblem:
    Location: @warp gl_knt01 and 02
    @ali 1004 and kill Raydric, Khaltzburg, and Abysmal Knight. Sell to players @ 1k chivs for 10 toks or 150-200m zeny.
    The best classes to use are high wizard and sniper.

    Stone Of Sage:
    Location: @warp tha_t08, 09, 10, 11 and 12.
    @ali 12040 and kill everything on these maps. Sell to NPC with merchant class.
    The best class to use is high wizard. If your sniper has better than basic equips, then it can farm here too.

    Tip #1: Fill your inventory with random items, including the drops from these maps. Then use @autoloot to loot all drops from the monsters.  Sell all loot to NPC and sell Thana fragments (1-2m each) in your shop when vending.
    Tip#2: Use Jing Guai card in Expert Ring [1] to get Box of Sunlight. These maps are filled with Angel race monsters. Sell to players @ 100 boxes for 1 tok.  Another box you can obtain when hunting insect race monsters and sell for the same rate is Box of Thunder (Gargoyle card).

    Yggdrasil Berries:
    Location: Forsaken Dungeon (complete quest to obtain dungeon pass. Place pass in F1 hotkey and use it to enter or warp)
    @ali 607 and kill everything on the maps using storm gust.
    Best class to use is high wizard. Convert berries to berry tickets in fCity.  Sell to players @ 5 tix for 1 tok.

    Location: @warp gef_fild06 and 08.
    @ali 606 and kill Petite and Sky Petite.
    Best class to use is sniper or high wizard. Sell to players @ 50-100 pieces for 1 tok.

    Location: @warp cmd_fild03
    @ali 7296 and kill Mutant Dragon.
    This is needed for the Frigg's Shield quest and is a hard item to farm. Sell to players @ 100 pieces for 30-35 toks.

    MVP Cards:
    Here are some MVP cards you can farm and sell for good side income.

    Ghostring - Sell for 5-10 toks or 100-150m in vend shop:
    @warp treasure02 (1 every 33~43 mins)
    @warp pay_fild04 (1 every 60~70 mins)
    @warp prt_maze03 (1 every 113~120 mins)
    @warp gld_dun04 (1 every 240~250 mins)

    Deviling - Sell for 5-10 toks:
    @warp yuno_fild03 (1 every 60~70 mins)
    @warp pay_fild04 (1 every 120~130 mins)

    Skoll - Sell for 5-10 toks:
    @warp for_fild04 and 05 (1 every 60~70 mins)

    Angeling - Sell for 10-15 toks:
    @warp pay_fild04 (1 every 60~70 mins)
    @warp xmas_dun01 (1 every 60~70 mins)
    @warp yuno_fild03 (1 every 60~70 mins)

    Hollowring - Sell for 10-15 toks:
    @warp for_fild02 (1 every 60~70 mins)

    Golden Thief Bug: Sell for 15-20 toks:
    @warp prt_sewb4 (1 every 60~70 mins)

    Other MVPs you can also farm without facing too much competition: Orc Lord, Orc Hero, Maya, Lady Tanee, RSX-0806, Whitelady (Bacsojin) , Dragoon Wizard, Dragoon Warlock, Ktullanux, Maya Purple, Amon Ra, General Egnigem Cenia, and lhz_dun03 MVPs.

    Tip #1: Use on your browser or the Ragnabase MVP android app to track your MVP kills and their re-spawn times.
    Tip #2: Use @autoloot or @autoloot 50 because there are a lot of MVP drops needed for the Frigg's Shield or B/C Ring quests.

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