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    Xiven's helpful links for new (and not so new) players

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    Xiven's helpful links for new (and not so new) players

    Post by Wild Wolf Joerger on Mon May 02, 2016 1:02 pm

    Xiven wrote:Okay, I'm putting together this list of helpful links for new (and not so new) players in order for you guys to have one place of reference.  The information all comes from the Forsaken-RO forum/Wiki with a few tips added in.  The quests and things-to-do below are all needed for you to be strong enough to do WoE.  If you have any questions or comments on the information in here, please ask in the thread.

    NEW TO SERVER OR GAME? Read and refer to these links:
    - Newbie Guide
    - Forsaken City Map
    - Forsaken Kafra Guide
    - List Of Commands (Learn to use "alt+M hotkeys", /bm, @ali, @mi, @ii, @autoloot, @whodrops, @whereis)
    - IRO Database and RMS Database (Helpful for monster/item search)
    - Elemental / Attribute Table

    Read the guides linked here for stat builds and gear/card information for your character. Focus on the WoE/PVP guides.
    - Click for Job Guides Compilation

    Once you reach max level (255/255), you'll want to do these in order.

    1. Become a Forsaken Knight (fKnight) and receive the fKnight Set (helm, armor, shield, boots & cloak).  Do NOT refine (+10) your PVP/WOE gear set, or Thana card users will do uber damage on you. Only +10 your weapons.  Also, if you ever reset your stats after completing this quest, speak to Prince Theo again to get the +200 stat points bonus.
    - Click for fKnight quest

    2. Make a Legendary Weapon.  fKnights can only make the respective weapon for their class.  So an fKnight Sniper can only make an L Sniper Bow and will NOT be able to make any other L weapon, not even an L Stalker Bow.
    - Click for L Weapon quest

    3. Make Legendary Gauntlets:
    - Click for L Gauntlets quest

    4. Make a Middle and Lower Headgear that has 1 slot:

    Middle Quest Choices:
    - L Zodiac Aura quest
    - Mythical Flame Aura (Speak to NPC Calcipher in the Knight Hall)
    - Sun or Moon Aura quest

    Lower Quest Choices:
    - Balloon (Speak to NPC Rinne in the Knight Hall)
    - L Avian Wings quest (recommended is Ghost type)
    - L Sacred Wings quest (these do not have a slot but reduce all damage by 8%)
    - Rucksack (Speak to NPC Simone in the Knight Hall, or NPC Fashionable Girl in the FCity Quest Room)
    - Mouthgear quest

    If you don't want to spend time on a lower headgear quest at first, just use the Freebie Backpack.

    You also have vote options.
    - Middle: Fallen Ghost, Flower Ring (both give +20 to all stats and have 1 slot)
    - Lower: Infernal Cape is needed for PVP/WOE char. Vote Scarf and the Skelling/Darkring/Bat Rucksack is good for farming char.

    5. Yggdrasil Berries/Seeds: Completion of this quest allows you to farm berries and seeds, so you can spam them like a pro. ;-)
    - Click for Forsaken Dungeon Pass quest

    6. More Quests:
    - Refined Deviling Hat quest is recommended since it's good for WoE Support Redux characters.
    - Links for other Forsaken-RO Quests

    **NOTE** Bow and Gun types will want to do the L Arrows and Ammo quests.


    Vote gear are a nice step-up from fKnight gear so start voting to get them ASAP. You can vote every 12 hours, so make sure to do so... it helps keep the server popular too. I recommend getting the vote Forsaken King (fKing) Set first, then Blue Valkyrie Helm (magic users may want to pick another helm such as Ribbon Wizard Hat or Piamette Ears), and finally the Infernal Cape after you know what character/class is going to be your main. This is because capes are limited to each particular class and are not transferable to your other characters (eg: sniper cape only used by sniper). Once you've got the vote fKing set + helm + cape for main char, you should then get a spare fKing set for switching cards as needed.  Do NOT refine your vote fKing set or helm.
    - Forsaken-RO Control Panel

    Farm For Zeny!
    Wizard (for chivalry emblems, stone of sage, seeds, berries) and Sniper (for abyss_03 treasure boxes, general MVPing) are great for farming.  It's recommended to make them even if you have other main class for PVP/WOE. You can equip them with basic gear and still be able to farm well.  Make a Biochemist or Whitesmith to sell your loot to NPC with overcharge 24%.
    - Xiv's Farming Guide For New Players

    - Aim to farm at least 2 billion zeny per week. (Do as much as you can, while not ignoring real life.) Use half your zeny to hunt in the MVP room (costs 60m to summon) and use the other half to trade for forsaken tokens.  1 tok = 14-17m zeny.

    MVP Hunting:
    Aside from hunting in the MVP room, you can also hunt MVPs in their normal dungeons/maps for cards.  Champ and Sniper are the two best classes for MVP hunting.  Use the tracker to keep track of when you killed an MVP and when it will re-spawn. Some of the basic MVP cards you'll want to collect asap are: Ghostring, Kiel (3), Turtle General (2), Tao Gunka, GTB, Skoll, Incantation Samurai and Maya Purple.  Start hunting these in their maps when you're not farming.  Once you have them, you can then aim for Fallen Bishop Hiram (2), Gloom (2), LHZ_Dun03 MVP cards and Ifrit (2).  Another excellent MVP to hunt for is Detale (for Essence of Fire drop, which can sell for 500+ toks and is used for making Frigg's Shield).  Finally, if you have a decent sniper start trying for Thanatos card in the MVP room.  This is the most expensive card in the game.
    - Tracker for MVP times (Very helpful when MVPing)

    NOTE: If you are interested in joining the guild MVP hunting team, contact one of the players listed in this thread:
    - MVP Party Guidelines and Tracker Information

    Trade tokens for cards/equips:
    It's possible to buy donated equips (e.g., donated weapons, auras, B/C rings, accessories, fKing set) from other players using forsaken tokens (toks).  These are the best end-game equips.  Thousands of tokens are needed to buy them. So start saving up toks!  Additionally, there are other types of Activity/PVP/GVG/Event tokens that can be earned in-game and used to obtain items from NPCs. These tokens, except Activity tokens, can also be traded with players for toks (e.g., 1 event token = 4 toks).
    - Tokens For Newbies Guide

    Fastest way to get geared up if you can afford it is to donate: Click for Forsaken-RO Token Shop

    These are powerful lower headgear that are specific for each class. If you want to do the quest:
    - Part 1 Guide
    - Part 2 Guide
    - Click here to view the rings' effects

    **NOTE** Donate Cape + Quest = Blessed/Cursed Ring. The vote Infernal Cape can NOT be used for the quest.

    I hope you guys find this information helpful.  If anyone has other information or links to quests/etc to share, please do so here or even open up a new thread.  Thanks guys!

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