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    List of WoE Characters

    Wild Wolf Joerger

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    List of WoE Characters

    Post by Wild Wolf Joerger on Mon May 02, 2016 12:57 pm

    We want to start WoE'ing a lot very soon! Exciting, no? Please use the below format to share what you have for WoE. Items in [brackets] are items that you need for your build but have yet to acquire them.

    Character Name: Wild Wolf Joerger
    Class: Paladin
    Weapon: Legendary Paladin Spear - 4x Fabre Cards
    Headgear: Vote Valk Helm, Skull Aura, L. Ghost Avian Wings - 2x Gemini-S58 Cards, 1x [Orc Hero Card], 1x Maya Purple Card
    Armor: Vote Fking Armor - 1x Ghostring Card, 1x [Tao Gunka Card]
    Shield: Vote Fking Shield - 1x GTB Card; [Vote Fking Shield] - 1x Usakoring Card
    Boots: Vote Fking Boots - 1x Amon Ra Card, 1x [GEC Card]
    Garment: Vote Fking Cloak] - 2x Raydric Cards; [Vote Fking Cloak] - 2x [Skoll Cards]
    Accessory: 2x Legendary Gauntlet of Vitality

    Reasoning behind build (optional, feel free to skip):
    - 4x Fabre for extra VIT.
    - I will eventually swap the Gemini-S58 Cards with 1x more Orc Hero Card and 1x Forsaken Soldier Card as soon as I get one. Gemini necessary for anti-sleep since my INT is less than 100 and for anti-stone curse when I take my GTB shield off.
    - Armor for anti-champ/bio.
    - One shield for anti-magic, the other for demi-human reductions.
    - GEC for more health and Amon Ra for extra protection.
    - One garment for anti-demihuman and the other for anti-Thana.
    - Accessories for obvious reasons.

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